STOFF Nagel®

STINE ANDSBJERG    Veronica Fjermestad     LINDA LODE ÆSKE

andsbjerg STINE 3    Linda Lode NM     Siv L hjemmeside

This iconic candle holder was designed by Werner Stoff for Hans Nagel in the 60's. It can be combined and stacked into endless beautiful shapes. Use it with taper candles or leave it as a mere sculpture.

The candle holder has been reproduced by JUST RIGHT and is today re-introduced to consumers world wide under the brand name STOFF®. 

Famous Scandinavian bloggers and instagrammers, design stores and manufactures have shared with us a series of stunningly styled photographs, featuring individual STOFF sculptures in beautiful settings. We have obtained permission to present these pictures in a Slide Show that we believe represents the universe of the iconic candle holder designed by Werner Stoff for Hans Nagel in the 60's. The candle holder in chrome and solid brass has been reproduced by the Danish design company JUST RIGHT ApS and is today offered to consumers worldwide under the brand name STOFF®.