NUD to fatninger 

NUD Collection is a Swedish lighting brand specialized in design and manufacturing high quality textile cords. The textile cord collection consists of 45 shades that allow the customer to be creative with a wide spectrum of colors. In addition to the standard range it is also possible to dye cords in particular Pantone numbers to specific customer inquiries.

 The main idea is to let the customers build and customize unique lighting pendants in three simple steps. By combining a textile cord with one of NUD Collection’s beautiful lamp holders in several natural materials it is easy to create eye-catching lighting pendants. To make the suspension complete NUD Collection also offers a wide range of light sources consisting of LED, fluorescent and incandescent lights to have something for all purposes.

Take the opportunity to create and build a unique product on the basis of your own needs.

The production is located in Sweden which ensures high quality products, flexibility and short delivery time.