SONNENGLAS® stands for sustainable, ecological design.

SONNENGLAS consider it imperative to think in an eco-friendly manner from the early stage of product development. The innate responsibility to protect our planet starts right there. It is, indeed, one of their goals to leave our world in a better condition than we found it in.

Developing  SONNENGLAS® under the highest quality standards is a must, and by providing the maximum life span, it leaves the tiniest ecological footprint possible.

SONNENGLAS® is equipped with LEDs which are charged via the solar cells in the lid. As you expose it to the sun, SONNENGLAS® starts fueling with energy. This energy will be used at a later point to give you many hours of soft but bright light. By flipping the magnetic handle, the electronics inside of the lid will be activated and your SONNENGLAS® lights up. In case of cloudy day or lack of sun you can conveniently charge your SONNENGLAS® with the Micro-USB port.

Once fully charged, the new SONNENGLAS® Classic and SONNENGLAS® Mini can provide a min. of 24 hours of light. It truly depends on the exposure to the sun whether your SONNENGLAS® can be fully charged within one day.